Mother and Baby on the Beach

About Us


I was born in the heart of Central Otago - prime New Zealand merino country. My partner was born and raised in the Lower North Island where his family was involved in the yarn and textile industry. It was when I was pregnant with our daughter that we, like all new parents, began to research what was safe for her precious baby skin. It wasn't long before all of that knowledge of merino wool came flooding back to us and just like that Baby Mumma was born (pun intended).

Part of being a parent is wanting what's best for our children, not only now but also in the future and that's why we make a conscious effort to produce products that are renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.  By supporting us on our journey, you are buying quality New Zealand made products that in turn is helping to preserve the future for our children.

Baby Mumma is the appreciation of the natural, partnered with a passion for our planet and
inspired by the love of our children